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Atlet | About Us
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About Us

Our Vision

ATLET is all about starting your impossible by wearing a suit of self-trust.


We endeavored to manufacture products that passionate about life.


We envision to provide a quality; economical & comfortable sports suiting for at least a century.

Our Mission

Ardent our customer by providing quality products through continual improvement of Quality Management System.

Tenacious commitment on manufacturing products that meets the needs of all ages.

Lucid Customer Policy to build Trust Bridge.

Employees through Leadership approach to maintain a friendly, fair and creative work atmosphere.

Team Oriented Corporate Culture which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

Our Goal

is to maintain our focus on every single customer by listening them well and by communicating our vision to them while maintaining a sincerity element of good quality raw material with our suppliers and with the overall supply chain management and total quality management by managing and testing our all type of raw material to bring our customer the pure and ultimate satisfaction

Our Objectives


  • To deliver a quality product to our customers which they expect from us according to our conformance standards and measures that will satisfy their needs, wants and demands each at a time
  • To build a bridge of loyalty and credibility with our customers by encouraging them to leave their –reviews, –word of mouth with other visitors and –by giving respect to earn respect tactic.
  • To maintain a fair and friendly work environment through gratitude among employees, by motivating their every effort which keeps them on working humbly and by putting consistency and safety to both our employees and customers.
  • To put focus on corporate culture as well by taking into account the Clan, Adhocracy, Market and hierarchy cultures of “ATLET” with a clear understandings and shared meanings of its artifacts, espoused values and basic values.